After the assault on the senses, the over-hyped expectations and general gluttony of Christmas I often find myself struggling with January. I set a Countdown reminder (great app by the way for 1st March when I feel I can relax in the knowledge that spring, warmth and sunshine are tantalisingly around the corner (even if we often endure another 3 months of rain). I try and see the good in a month where we are constantly reminded that we must tighten our belts financially, give up things we love (but are bad for us) and batten down the hatches on short, grey days. Here are some Reasons to be Cheerful, what gets you through it? M


Switch on – January traditionally sees the big television channels bringing out some top TV – a great excuse to switch on (Broadchurch, Wolf Hall to name but two). Alternatively catch up on all the festive telly you missed but just haven’t got round to watching.

Treat yourself – in the January sales and save some money.

Hibernate – It’s easier than you think on short, cold January days. You can snuggle up with those books you got for Christmas with no pressure to go out and party. Plus you can catch up on sleep after all the late nights after Christmas and New Year.

Get organised – a messy house can make you feel out of control. Once those decorations come down you can really see what needs to go where.

Detox – January is a great time for a detox as most people aren’t drinking either so it’s much easier to stick to.

Eat seasonally – some delicious winter veg are now in season including celeriac and cauliflower to make great winter-warming soups and superfood kale to keep you in great health. Not forgetting an apple a day…

Plan ahead – spend the dark evenings dreaming about and planning your summer hols. Pile up the brochures and hit the internet!

Care – why not put these winter evenings to good use by taking really good care of yourself. Plan a little “me” time at the end of the day and have a long relaxing bubble bath, give yourself an extra special manicure or treat yourself to a deep cleansing face mask.

Give – how about phoning a friend or family member at the end of the day. Connecting with those around you who care about you and you care about is a great way to make yourself feel cheerful!

Spring – is less than two months away and as each day passes, they are getting longer!