I am one of those people who cannot bare to through away fruit.  If the bananas are black they are quickly turned into banana bread.  If a kiwi or peach has seen better days, it’s swiftly despatched into a smoothie.  I don’t know why I am like this as I am quite happy to throw tons of veg away, maybe because it takes more effort to turn ‘on-the-turn’ veg into something as comforting as a slice of warm, banana bread with a steaming hot cup of tea?

Today saw the turn of my ‘good intention’ cooking apples that I have ignored for at least 2 weeks, definitely since Christmas. My first thought was apple puree and then stick it in the freezer.  But no-one in my household is going to eat that and it will eventually go the way of the vegetable.  Also being quietly ignored in the fridge was a pack of shortcrust pastry, no doubt bought for another ‘good intention’ recipe.  So it seemed destined that these would go together with a small pack of blackberries also screaming out for my attention.  I turned to a Jamie Oliver recipe never used before. It was quick and easy (ignore the pastry bit – I used the ready-made shortcrust plus substituted water for the ginger syrup).  I used an old Portmerion Evesham flan dish from my Grandmother (not a fan of the pattern I have to say but it just seemed like the appropriate vessel) and as the pie was cooking the aroma instantly took me back to my Grandmother’s hot and steamy kitchen on a Sunday lunchtime.  Delicious home comfort indeed! M