When children are young you don’t have much time to think about clothes, other than they need to be practical and clean. When you have time to yourself again you have the luxury of thinking about what you wear in a more considered way.

Winter layers and thicker clothes are lovely when the weather first gets cold in Autumn – especially if you have a new coat, but by the end of the season you can be so sick of them it’s hard to feel good. I have recently come to the conclusion that for me, colour is essential in the dark months.  A good friend who works in fashion tells me that orange, yellow and red are very ‘now’ colours.  My own colour-defence against the dark days of this last month of winter are;  a large orange scarf (above John Lewis in the January sale), a neon camouflage scarf from Whistles and a favourite top in a bright orange wool from Cos – so I’m accidentally on-trend!  There’s a shade of red that suits everyone, and it’s such good colour for full on glamour.  Yellow is a much trickier colour,  The only item of yellow clothing I have is a hi viz jacket for cycling!  So not glamorous.


Hot colours for Spring are red, white and black, but the great thing about being older is being wiser, and wearing what the hell you like.  You can take fashion – or leave it.  As long as you feel happy and confident in what you wear, job done.

Do you have coloured clothes that cheers you up?  Do you have any yellow clothing that is not hi viz?