What’s a ‘hump’ birthday? One where your age ends in a 5.  I’m not overly keen on a hump birthday as it can sometimes feel like you are sliding downwards into the next decade.  But I generally push those thoughts away as a) you can’t stop time and b) what’s the point wasting time dwelling on it anyway?

I like to think I am ambivalent about my birthday – no diva here, nothing to see, move along please.  Coming six weeks after Christmas it often leaves everyone thinking ‘what, more presents and cards?!’ It’s cold and miserable and everyone is skint.  But yesterday I realised that if you took away the cards, the texts, the FB posts and inevitably the gifts then I wouldn’t feel ambivalent at all, I’d be pretty miserable.  It’s nice to have at least one day in the year where you feel more loved than usual.  And as you get older it’s nice to enjoy the finer things in life.  I was lucky to be taken out for a delicious lunch and in February, it’s nice to receive small gifts that make the time of year a bit more bearable – a soft-to-the-touch fur scarf to keep you warm or some dark, decadent chocolate for a mid-week treat.  I think it’s important to have those small touches (including some amazing Ryan Gosling cupcakes that Sarah made for me).

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For my birthday lunch I was taken to The Wellington Arms in Baughurst on the Hampshire/Berkshire border.  If you are ever down that way I can highly recommend it.  A gorgeous little country pub serving fantastic food with minute attention to detail (plus a very reasonable set menu).


It has a beautiful cottage garden where they grow some of their own produce plus it has rooms should you want to make a weekend of it.  We had a great table by the window where we watched the Magritte-like clouds float through the icy blue February sky.  Tricky time of year for gardening but the pub had some gorgeous winter pots and the herbs and kale were looking delicious!

Of course being my birthday I couldn’t possibly say no to sticky toffee pudding which was light and fluffy, and just the right kind of sweet.

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A lovely warm, welcoming pub to while away the hours.


So all in all, I was pretty happy even though it was a ‘hump’ birthday.  How do you like to celebrate your special day? Has it changed as you have got older?  And if you want to know my age, here’s a clip from Harry and Paul to help you out and no, it’s not 85! M