Unknown Below is a short clip of an interview with the actress Frances McDormund at the end of 2014 which I came across on YouTube . In the interview Frances discusses ageing, how society is so youth orientated, and how the worst thing you can do is to look, dress or behave in a manner that could be construed as old, in a society that prizes everything young.  But, how in such an image conscious industry such as acting, Frances has made the decision not to have botox, surgery or dye her hair.  I love the sense she speaks, her words remind me of the Nora Ehpron quote, “I look as young as a person can look, given how old I am”.

But.  As Mel says in her ‘about us’ piece, I wish I could let my hair go grey, but I just can’t.  Frances has blonde, curly hair which is more helpful for the transition to grey, it wouldn’t blend in so well with my (mostly!) dark brown hair.  When the strands of grey come through on my parting I cave, and hey presto! Conker brown, youthful hair once again.  One day I will go grey gracefully (btw any tips on how you do that would be gratefully received!) but until my real hair colour goes back to one colour again I think I will stick with the assistance. Below, gratuitous photo of silver fox, Martin Kemp – since he stopped dyeing his hair.


Do you have hair to dye for? S