stress less

Things are hotting up at this time of year for parents and offspring, emotional highs and lows, often within the same hour! There’s a lot going on – whether it’s revision, sporting commitments, driving lessons, driving tests, coursework, juggling friends and commitments, mock exams, uni visits/decisions and then there’s still the good old hormonal challenges. And that’s only the kids.  So I thought I would do a post on what you can do when it all gets a bit intense at home. Here are my top 10 of the things I like to do when I need time off the hamster wheel.

1. Meet with friends – especially friends who are where you are right now. A good chat with a glass of wine, and then you feel that whatever is going on is completely normal, right?!

2. Lock yourself away with a cup of tea and a great book. Immersing myself in someone else’s world (right now ‘I’ am taming a Goshawk) it takes you away, to wherever you want to escape to.

3. A walk. This is the best stress buster of all, especially if you have green spaces nearby. And remember, as Billy Connolly said, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes (& footwear!)


4. Take a day out. Distance, different sights, places and spaces are a good way to get a new perspective – and when you get back big problems feel smaller, hopefully.  Last week I took the train to London for a browse round the delights of Marylebone High St – The Conran Shop (all 3 floors), Daunts bookshop, Skandium, Anthropologie and of course the fab charity shops, then lunch in the Natural Kitchen before hopping on the train home. Job done.


Daunts bookshop

5. Retreat into social media – you know, where everything is perfect! There are no rows, no mess, no slamming of doors, no back chat, it’s all lovely, with photos to prove it….


6. Unplug everything and take a bubble bath. Alone. With ear plugs or headphones.  Bliss.


7. Book up a film at the cinema, or something at the local arts centre – ours have comedians trying out their new material, workshops and live music.

8. Dance – even if it’s in your kitchen.  Dance like no one is watching, and hope it’s not the day for the window cleaner.

9. A massage, a swim or a sauna. if it’s really bad, all three.

10. This one is easier said than done. Make sure you get plenty of sleep. I have difficulty sometimes with sleeping – or rather with waking and not going back to sleep, a friend recommended Magnessium supplements, they have made a big difference. If I have enough sleep I can cope with most things.

Finally, be kind to you – that way at least someone is!

If I’m alone in this, and your life is perfect, please feel free to skip the comments section!  Have I missed anything? S