Ok, I admit it. The first thing I do the morning after the Oscars is look at who wore not the best, but the worst dress. I can only put this down to making myself feel better about the fact that even with pots of money and an army of stylists, the rich and beautiful can still get it very, very wrong. Or perhaps it’s just schadenfreude, a secret glee that they were so misguided. The second thing I do is quickly scroll the results to see if anyone British has won, as even though I am dual nationality at heart I like to see us Brits get one over on the yanks.

87th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Some things I thought were a step forward this year was the #Askhermore Twitter campaign spearheaded by Reece Witherspoon. This was to shame journalists into asking female films stars more than ‘Who are you wearing?’ which doesn’t even make sense anyway. I imagine Ralph Lauren draped over the shoulders of some starlet ‘me? I’m wearing Ralph Lauren’. I can’t imagine the designers are too chuffed about it though as this is prime publicity for them. It’s important that women are judged on more than their looks (although I am being slightly hypocritical in this post!) Also banned was the notorious ‘Mani cam’ where close up shots of female film stars hands were scrutinized and judged in close detail as if the dresses/bodies/ makeup/jewellery weren’t enough. And then to top it all Patricia Arquette did a rousing winner’s speech about equal pay rights for women across America. In all, it was good publicity for women’s rights, feminism and equal opportunities but we’ll have to wait and see if there is any kind of trickle down effect from Hollywood to the lives of us mere mortals.

Onto the dresses. My favourite of the evening was Patricia Arquette’s monochrome number. I thought it suited her 47 year old body perfectly and was sophisticated and classy (and if you haven’t seen the amazing Boyhood do so now.  It should actually have been called Motherhood and I was so pleased she won for her role as the single mother).


Most of the other older leading ladies like Naomi Watts, Julianne Moore and Cate Blanchett looked very pale and skinny (which basically covers most of the younger crowd too). My ‘best worst’ was definitely Lady GaGa waiting to do the washing up.


And not forgetting the men, Chris Pine from ‘Into the Woods’ wore an eighties throwback, double-breasted tux. Looking sharp my man!


And the worst? Well he may have won an Oscar last year but lavender has no place on a red carpet Jared Leto. This was 30 Seconds to nowhere!


Which older leading lady did you think was the best dressed and who did you secretly crush over? M