Although the weather may be unpredictable in March, one thing is certain – the days are getting longer.  In days gone by the ritual of spring cleaning loomed large on the calendar, these days we have different kind of rituals, but ones that are still inspired by renewal and starting afresh. Here are some of our favourite things to do when the weather starts to hot up.


Opening the windows and doors to let in the fresh spring air and it’s nice to be able to hear the birds singing too.

Ditching the winter coat – just picking up a lighter jacket makes me feel liberated!

The good old spring clear out. So time to get stuck in. Faded, black tops, opaque tights and socks with holes in and worn-out winter footwear all need to go. If it’s good enough to wear again, give it to charity, otherwise bin it – don’t waste their precious time with items that are too far gone. Alternatively, put it on eBay – top tips are set aside a couple of hours to photograph and package all your items. Write a good description with decent pics and always end a 7 day auction at 7pm on a Sunday night.  Getting out summer clothes and seeing what still looks OK and what has to go is as good a feeling as getting rid of what hasn’t made it through the winter.

Decluttering your living space – it makes you feel lighter and your unwanted stuff will be someone else’s treasure

Bringing the new season inside – with colourful spring flowers like tulips and narcissus

Soaking up the first rays of sunshine in your sunglasses – and a warm scarf

Getting legs and toes ready for exposure after months in tights and boots – a pedicure means summer is on it’s way

Venturing out into the garden again, seeing what needs to be done.  Buying seeds to sow in time for summer. This year I’m giving wild meadow seeds a go in a wild patch of the garden

Starting a new activity or signing up for a challenge – lighter mornings and evenings are there to be used!

If you cycle, give your bike the once over – mine’s being serviced this week, in time for sunny bike rides (the only kind I do)


Spring is the promise of all of the good things to come –  more sun, more daylight and more energy. Bring it on.

What are your favourite spring rituals?  S