Next weekend sees the evenings getting longer and fingers crossed an opportunity to sit outside and decompress with a drink at the end of a frazzled week. Within 5 seconds you can just unscrew a bottle of wine and off you quaff but recently wine has been giving me the most shocking hangovers. Even after one or two glasses I can barely lift my head off the pillow the next morning and spend most of the day floating around grey-faced, rubbing Nurofen Meltlets on my gums like a coke addict and hanging around in my ‘sporty’ sweatpants because wearing anything else would just be too much like effort.

So obviously not wanting to miss out on booze (and peer pressure is hard to resist), I have turned to long, refreshing cocktails that are quick and easy to prepare. The type with lots of ice that don’t make you think karaoke is a GREAT idea after just one glass. Two of them involve prosecco (yes I know that’s wine but strangely I don’t get so much of a hammer through the head with this) and soda water which tempers the alcoholic content. Here are my three faves, what’s yours? M

Grey Goose Fizz

soho-le-fizzUnlike most other popular vodka, Grey Goose is from France and is produced in the Cognac region. It is made in small batches from 100% fine French wheat and artesian spring water which has been naturally filtered through Champagne limestone – sounds great right? St Germain is a delicious, sweet elderflower liqueur that comes in a beautiful bottle that just screams at you to buy!

1 ½ parts Grey Goose vodka
1 part St Germain
2 parts soda water
¼ of a lime

Stir everything but the soda water together, pour into a chilled flute and top with soda water.

Aperol Spritz

IMG_5764oDrunk widely in both Spain and Italy, Aperol is the perfect aperitif. My sister introduced me to it  – it’s refreshing like Pimms on a hot sunny day but also has the bitter-sweet of Campari. The Hipsters love a bit of it.

2 part Aperol
3 parts Prosecco
1 part soda water
1 slice of orange

Pour the Aperol and Prosecco over the ice in a large wine glass and give it a stir. Top up with the soda water and add the slice!

Martini Royale

Drink-z-Martini-i-limonkąForever associated with the sophisticated Seventies, Martini is having a comeback. I have always loved it and have only just discovered this way of drinking it – why on earth was I using lemonade instead of prosecco?!

2 parts white vermouth
2 parts prosecco
¼ of a lime
small bunch of mint

Fill a large wine glass with ice. Add the vermouth and then the prosecco and stir gently. Squeeze the lime over the top and drop in. Add the mint to garnish. Enjoy!

(And just to remind you of Martini’s greatest advertising campaign….Melissa darling!)