IMG_2731 I heard on the radio last week that 62% of people who give to charity – time or money, do it to feel good, then there was a bit of a debate as to whether that was good or a bad thing – but does it really matter?

As our kids get older and need us less, we gain more time, we also have more life experience and wisdom – this maybe an opportunity to tap into something you feel passionately about that you can feel the benefits from too.

On counting up amongst my friends I realise a lot of them are huge givers, although I am sure some of them would hate to be described as such.

I have a friend who does Contact Teas via Contact The Elderly. The older folks can have a cup of tea and a slice of home made cake, catch up with friends – and feel connected again, especially if they live alone.

Another friend does a lot of work for Compassionate Friends, a wonderful charity that supports bereaved families who have lost a child.

Quite a few friends run or help out with their childrens sports clubs, after school activities.

In my local community we have a rota of people who regularly collect and drop off lots of lovely donations and load up their car and take it to people in need at a local hostel.

Other friends participate in sporting events that raise money, but that also require a lot of training for – bike rides, fun runs and walks. Friends who started riding their bikes to raise money for breast cancer, a cause dear to nearly everyones hearts it touches so many, now cycle for pleasure, a lot. It has changed their lives. P1060589 So call it what you will, giving to charity/charity work or volunteering, it might make a difference in more ways than you can imagine.

If you ever need inspiration, or are feeling a bit ’no one needs me, what shall I do now’ below is a link to a speech made by J K Rowling at Harvard University. From being a single mother on benefits, JKR has single handedly changed not only her own life, but the lives of millions of children with her Lumos foundation, founded upon the success of Harry Potter.  Lumos aims to eradicate the need for orphanages by 2050!  (go to 3.30 to skip the introduction)

There’s always someone that needs you. #beinspired S