I saw an article recently that said SS15 is the season of ‘the dungaree’ (singular, have you noticed how fashion people talk in the singular – the trouser, the shoe) Anyway, I digress – ‘the dungaree’. But the article went on to say ‘women over 40′ should approach’ the dungaree’ with caution. I’d like to bet the writer of that article wasn’t even born til the 90’s.  It’s not that I long to wear ‘the dungaree’, far from it. It’s more the principle that surely at the age of ‘over 40’ we are past being told what (or what not) to wear?

No one wants to look like a Dexys tribute act

Here’s what I’ll be wearing this season/year/rest of my life – what I want to!

So, disregarding age appropriate guidelines completely, here’s a realistic guide to what women ‘over 40’ will be wearing this season;

A smile – you can wear it as often as you like, a smile never dates, never wears out and you can replace it as often as you like at no cost. It makes you look happy, friendly and someone fun to be with.

For times when only empowerment will do the ‘I won’t take any crap from you’ expression is essential. It ensures you are not overworked, taken for granted or played like a fiddle. Shouldn’t be worn too often, as can wear thin.

Sunglasses – you can’t go wrong with a good pair of shades. They hide allergies, lack of sleep, red eyes from crying because your life has just gone down the toilet, disappointment, anger, hurt and lack of time to sort your eyebrows out. They are a miracle product I tell you.

Sass. It’s always in style. There is a scene from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe, that perfectly illustrates the sassy slap down – Kathy Bates plays a middle aged woman rediscovering her power, she is waiting for a parking space and young whipper snappers (YWS) drive straight into the space, so KB thinks either I can suck it up – or (lightbulb moment!) I can fight back – so she goes into action. When the YWS confront her, she hits them with her killer line – ‘face it girls I’m older and I have more insurance’. Legendary sass.

When dealing with a stroppy shop assistant (SSA) I always ensure I’m wearing my experience with an air of certainty, been there, bought the t-shirt – and it’s faulty, so I want my money back! When wearing this attitude you can deal with SSA’s in your sleep.

I try not to wear guilt, resentment or anger for long – they’re ageing. But when you’re home and you’ve changed into your sweats everyone has a bitchy resting face they can slip into!

And in case you haven’t seen it, or want to see it again – here’s that sassy Kathy clip for you;


What are you wearing that works for you? S