Not the blog – although it has been a little quiet due to the overwhelming demands of life, it’s my girl who has gone away.  This time last week my daughter took off for 3 weeks, to go inter-railing.  She has never been away from home for so long, and more importantly, never on her own.  As parents do, I had concerns – mostly about safety.  If she was so far away we couldn’t be there if she needed us, but that is kind of the point – it was time for her to spread her wings, so off she’s flown.

My saviour has been what I knew it would be – social media.  I can follow (some!) of her travels, we can stay in touch lightly. Even if there’s no word, there’s the side bar on Face Book that tells me she was logged in 3 hours ago.  She will come back with fabulous experiences and memories of her first trip away unencumbered by parents.  Bliss, I remember it well.


As a parent though it’s good training for the next big step.  I am using the time productively – I am going on a road trip with a couple of friends.  All of our daughters are away, and we can get in the car and drive. So that’s what we are doing. We will explore, walk, chat, eat, drink, take lots of photos, chill out and put the world to rights.  Unencumbered by children.  Bliss!


Have a good weekend, S.