Well, that was interesting!  I knew results week would be intense but I hadn’t realised how intense.  If you are reading this after going through receiving your child’s final A-level grades, congratulations, you made it!  The sleepless nights and anxiety are over – for now.

It’s so intense because not only do you hope for a grade your child is happy with, but also, if they hope to go to uni, you are anxious that they get the place they want. Then following hot on the heels of their news, you wait to see if friends got what they wanted too. It was an emotional day. But a few days go by, the dust settles and everyone adjusts to the new view of their future, hopefully.

The aspect I struggled with was social media, ironic I know as I wrote a blog!  Back in the day you opened your results envelope in the school hall, and news got out at drip, drip speed.  But in this connected new world good news gets posted fast – and your social circle can see you celebrating within minutes. But if you don’t immediately get the results you want it must be hard to see the jubilant and celebratory posts, photos and talk of universities filling up your timeline.  Social media makes it hard to join in if your news isn’t something you were hoping for – or if you are daunted about what the next stage of your life brings.  Social media seemed to be a one-way, good news street where exams are concerned.  But this can’t be right, or healthy.  Or is this the way the world has always been, social media or not? Below is an example of how a student dealt with his disappointment on Facebook, if you ask me he is a PR rep in the making. I’ve blanked out the identifying details for obvious reasons!


Have a good week.  And as Toby so eloquently wished his readers, peace X