If your child is off to uni do you have a definitive list of the kit they need?  As a mum doing this uni thing for the first time, I have asked a few friends who have done this before and some current uni students – what did they consider useful or helpful? The list varied between boys and girls, as you would expect, but below are all of their suggestions.

For their room

Duvet & pillow(s), 2 sets of bedding and towels

A lamp

Coat hangers

Big, easy to squash down bags to take everything in – Ikea or similar, also good for under bed storage

A wheelie suitcase or easy to carry large bag to bring stuff home in – if they return by train for the holidays

A kettle if your child likes tea/coffee/pot noodles

Over the door hooks for coats or hanging washing to dry

A doorstop – the doors are heavy fire doors so a door stop is often required, apparently

A large coloured throw for over the bed, throw cushions, fairy lights, a hot water bottle and a mattress topper.


For the kitchen

The obvious – cups, bowls, plates, knives, forks, spoons and tea towels.  A frying pan, a saucepan/and or wok, pint glasses and/or wine glasses.

Plus, a tin opener, bottle opener, corkscrew, slotted frying pan turner, large serving spoon, wooden spoon, kitchen scissors (best kept in their room as they go walkabouts very quickly apparently!), a container for microwaving, a peeler and a grater.

One student told me it was a good idea to mark your valuables using a UV pen with your name. A bike lock is useful if you are taking a bike or something that needs to be secured in the room.  Nothing (apart from the laptop and phone) needs to be expensive as things can get ruined or go walkabout.

Another parent mentioned a starter kit for the first days – milk, cereal, tea, coffee, biscuits, eggs, bread, salt and ketchup, shower gel, toothpaste, washing up liquid, washing powder and paracetamol. Also, any favourite foods.

Make sure that valuable items such as laptops are covered by some form of insurance, from day one. Finally, you could cover a laptop in stickers (firmly stuck on) to make it less desirable to steal, as this makes it too easy to identify.

Would you add anything?  Is there anything here that you would not bother with?